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Stand against the Gods’ play and alter the rules of the world!
The journey begins as heroes set off to become 'The Dicast,' the one and only human who may set the rules of the universe.

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DICAST: Dash is an action game with great accessibility and addictiveness, and requires precise timing!

  1. 1. Great Accessibility: Straightforward rules and one button control
  2. 2. Amazing Addictiveness: Addictive pleasure behind making accurate jumps
  3. 3. Light Gameplay: Enjoy a quick, fast round on your phone, anywhere, anytime!
  4. 4. Upgrade Heroes: Earn gold by playing, upgrade your heroes, and aim for the highscore!
  5. 5. Stimulating Competition: Season Rank system implemented in the game to compete with users worldwide!
  6. 6. Mindblowing Upcoming Game: A strategy board game with a shared storyline coming soon!
  7. 7. Full compatibility with two major mobile OS: Play the game on the iPhones and Android phones!

DICAST: Dash is a spin-off project, featuring the tales of the heroes who made their ways to become The Dicast.

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Rule & Control

Aid the heroes who are dashing their way to the grand arena.

  1. 1. Heroes automatically dash forward upon the start of the round.
  2. 2. Make a turn when your hero steps on a corner and do a double jump when jumping over empty blocks!
  3. 3. When your hero is stepping on a block, tap to make a turn. When up in the air, tap to do a double jump!
  4. 4. Don’t go looking for buttons on the screen! Tap anywhere as you wish.

Don’t you worry too much, as we provide a tutorial for beginners to show you how it’s done. Tap, tap, tap, and before you know it, you can beat the highscore! You can be the No. 1 in the whole world!

Press Kit

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  • Developer : BSS company
  • Release : 4/1/2016 (Android), 4/22/2016(iOS)
  • Web site : http://dicastdash.bsscamp.com
  • Price : Free
  • Press Contact : bss@bsscamp.com
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DICAST : Rules of Chaos

REAL combat begins between the mighty heroes who control their luck with power!

To find out more about the heroes who arrived at the arena after their journeys from 'DICAST: Dash,' Take a look at ‘DICAST: Rules of Chaos,’ a competitive strategy board game.

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